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W&DW: The alliances ADAL, APASER and PACSA together in a new meeting within the framework of the Annual Congress in Algiers – on April 16, 17 and 18.

ADAL – Alliance of Latin American Audiovisual Directors;
APASER – Pan-African Alliance of Directors and Screenwriters with
PACSA – Alliance of African Musicians – will give the present at the next congress that will be held in a few days.

  • Mario Mitrotti – Cinematographic Director
    President of ADAL
    Latin America

  • Laza Cinematographic Director
    President of APASER
    Pan-African Alliance

  • Sam Mbende singer-songwrite
    President of PACSA
    Pan-African Alliance

In the hands of its Presidents Mario Mitrotti – Cinematographic Director for ADAL; and Laza – Cinematographic Director for APASER and singer-songwriter Sam Mbende for PACSA, the Alliances will be a very important part of the next annual meeting. Their joint presence will demonstrate the progress made in the territories where they operate, the dynamics of their member societies and will demonstrate through an important panel, how the union of its authors makes the force for the achievement of fair equality.