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FESAIA, its Creation and a Fair Claim

FESAIA is the Federation of Audiovisual Authors and Performers Associations, it is created with the joining of the 3 most important CMOs of Argentina.
ARGENTORES – General Association of Argentine AuthorsDAC – Argentine Film Directors – and SAGAI – Argentine Management Association for Performing Actors – as founding members – create this federation and strengthen the union with the aim of fostering improvement, outreach and the protection of audiovisual authors, artists and performers.

The world is going through a crisis created by COVID-19, which is, no doubt, affecting every sphere of a country, and of course, the financial situation of its people. This is no different in Argentina, where FESAIA has issued a clear statement, suited for the current times, with the purpose of mitigating the financial consequences of the pandemic, in which the Federation requests that open TV channels and subscription-based TV providers, program national works of fiction, domestically produced, allocating a significant share of their broadcasting schedule to these works. In this way, through the collection of rights via CMOs, the authors and performers can face the crisis.

The impact was substantial, with the press backing the statement and circulating it in the most important media of the country, graphic, news, etc. The impact was such that the House of Representatives also expressed their support.

Additionally, FESAIA has publicly supported in full INCAA’s statement, in which they express a counter-proposal to the requirement of Exemption or deferral of the payment of Entertainment Tax, addressed to CAEM, the Argentine Chamber of Multiscreen Exhibitors and FADEC, the Argentine Federation of Cinema Exhibitors (See statement INCAA).

The federations represent the joining of forces of an industry, and their existence is based on the importance of collective defense. We celebrate the creation of FESAIA, supporting the whole guild of audiovisual authors and performers.