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COVID – 19: Authors in Europe Request Aid from the EU

European CMOs are taking measures to face the emergency that COVID-19 poses for their territories. The SAA – Society of Audiovisual Authors requested that the European Union establish emergency plans; the SGAE, AIE and AGEDI, from Spain, will stop charging their monthly fees to hotels; and W&DW will postpone the date of their Annual Congress.

In the face of the severe crisis COVID-19 is creating, the SAA expresses their solidarity with the thousands of audiovisual directors and scriptwriters affected by the pandemic: “Most audiovisual authors are autonomous and struggle to make ends meet in normal times. The COVID-19 outbreak has worsened their situation and proven that royalties for the use of their works, regardless of the media, but particularly on-line, are or should be an essential part of the cinematographers’ income”.

The SAA concluded that “the 33 members of the European CMOs call on their national authorities and the EU to establish emergency plans and long term support necessary for the creative and cultural industries, and to implement the necessary measures to provide authors with security and compensation as a priority.”

As a response to this worldwide difficulty, the CMOs SGAE – Society of Authors and Publishers, AIE – Spanish Society of Artists and AGEDI – Intellectual Rights Management Association, will stop charging their monthly fees to nocturnal leisure establishments and to the hospitality industry as long as the coronavirus health crisis lasts.

The societies announced that “due to the delicate time the industry is going through because of the restrictions derived from the state of emergency to contain the spread of COVID-19, the three entities will postpone the payment of the fee corresponding to the activity’s operation days.”

Additionally and to that respect, W&DW – Writers and Directors Worldwide has decided to postpone, tentatively until November, the Annual Congress that the audiovisual, dramatic and literary creators’ council was going to celebrate in July, in the city of Seoul, Republic of Korea.

On the other hand, according to a report from ADEPI – Association for the Development of Intellectual Property, Spain should prepare itself, since the crisis will cause a contraction of the cultural GDP, whose extent can only be determined as the crisis evolves, but to date, can be estimated at a minimum of 3 billion euros.

ADEPI highlights that “all this confirms the exceptional nature of a situation whose effects have been manifesting in the past days with particular severity, and which demands a coordinated response from those affected and the public sectors, to allow alleviating the effect of a full month of the operation of an industry that represents 3.5 % of the GDP, which is estimated at 960 million in direct and indirect losses, according to the first estimates”.