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ADAL helps the creation of the Panamanian Society of Directors and Screenwriters.

On October 27, it was held by Mario Mitrotti — with a long career as Director and Producer of Films, Television and Theater; President of ADAL (Alliance of Latin American Audiovisual Directors) and President of DASC (Colombian Society of Audiovisual Directors) — a lecture entitled “Protect your works with copyright” in the city of Panama, with a large participation of local audiovisual authors.

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W&DW was present at the Higher School of Economic Sciences, Moscow National Research University

On Saturday 26 of last October and with the aid of Peter Carpentier —member of the executive committee of W&DW; Director and Cinematographic Scriptwriter; President of the professional group Author and Director BVR of VG BILD-KUNST, the German management company— a lecture on international copyright was delivered to a large number of graduates in authorial specialization.

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Writers and Directors Worldwide came to the Russian Federation and the next Annual Congress of this international organization will be carried out in Moscow, in march, 2019

For the first time, the Executive Committee of the International Council of Creators W&DW has met in the city of Moscow, Russian Federation, with the aim of approaching Russian authors to advise them and incorporate them in the defense of their rights as creators.