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Pan African Scriptwriters and Directors announce the creation of an app for smart phones

APASER – Pan African Alliance of Scriptwriters and Directors launched, within the frame of the 50th Anniversary of FESPACO – Uagadugú Pan African Cinema and Television Festival , an app for mobile phones, which will contain a general vision of Audiovisual Directors and Scriptwriters ‘situation in Africa, with the purpose of establishing a strategy of development and improvement of their situation.

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Composers and Audiovisual Authors of all the countries of the region will meet in the Latin American and Caribbean Committee to be held in the city of Antigua Guatemala from April 24 to 27, 2018

This year, the meeting – chaired by Mr. Víctor Yunes – led by the Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean CISAC – Dr. Santiago Schuster – will be held in the Old City of Guatemala from April 23 to 26.