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Creadores PY, together with FESAAL, open call to carry out the process of declaration of works to Paraguaian audiovisual authors

From the seminar convened by the audiovisual authors Juanca Maneglia, Creadores PY President and Tana Schembori – General Secretary, next to FESAAL (Latin American Audivisual Authors Societies federation), represented by its members societies: DASC (Directors Colombia) with the presence of its President Mr. Mario Mitrotti, REDES (Screenwriters Colombia) with the presence of its President Mrs. Alexandra Cardona and SOGEM (Screenwriters México) with the presence of its President of the Directors Board, Gerardo Luna, and Carlos Mercado, Author of La Rosa de Guadalupe.

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Our sacred Author´s Rights in the Brasilia Film Festival

Gathering around 500 directors, with 1,750 registered works, which represents the most consistent artistic and cultural GDP in Brazil, DBCA (Directors Brazil), a pioneer society in the defense of Authors’ Rights in the country, and the recent 53° Brazilian Film Festival in Brasilia (held between December 15th and 20th), historical moral and political trench of our cinema, reinforced in this edition, now closed, their mutual and live solidarity through the exchange of experiences on Collective Management Organizations (CMOs).

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Creative sectors of Europe make themselves heard to ensure they receive 2% of the EU recovery package

A coalition of 110 European organizations representing all cultural and creative sectors (CACs) have sent a letter to the president of the European Commision, Ursula von der Leyden, and to the national governments of the European Union, urging them to include the CACs in the national recovery and stimulus plans, which are projected to have a budget of 750 million Euros.